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18/06/19 - Quick Update!

Here are some fixes and updates:

  • Created fresh art for menu screens
  • Fixed player, platform, and bat collisions
  • Updated sprites and sounds
  • Spikes can now be walked over when retracted
  • Changed level design to lower difficulty

Descent is a platformer game about a young girl venturing downwards through a world of cold treacheries. With nothing but flares to provide light and safety, she searches for a warm and secure shelter from winter.


  • Explore a world with dynamic art, animations and lighting
  • Traverse your way through dangerous environments
  • Light the way and burn threats using your flares
  • Trial and error

Recommended System Requirements

Windows XP or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo 
1 GB RAM  
1280x720 Resolution 
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Card 


Email:    stuartwhittakerdesign@gmail.com

About Me

I am an aspiring concept artist and game developer from New Zealand. I love creating worlds and and characters for games and film.

Currently I am a full time student of Media Design School doing a Bachelors in Creative Technology: Game Art

                                                      You can follow my work on

                       |   Instagram  ||   Artstation  ||    Behance    ||    YouTube    |

Install instructions

Simply download and run the .exe file included.


Descent.zip 65 MB

Development log


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a really nice game of yours

i just played and i really like the ending. the surviving vibe XD

Glad you could finish it! Thank you for playing.

the trailer is really EPIC!!!!

may i reshare your trailer? i hope it helps :)

Thank you so much! And of course, you are more than welcome to.

Hey there, I'm stocked to play your game for my YouTube channel soon. Just wanted to give you a little heads up that your update has the wrong date, you entered the 18th of July. :)

Oops! Thank you! And awesome man, honestly am stoked you are willing to do that! 

You have a gorgeous pixel art style, and absolutely nailed the atmosphere! While the exploration elements and flare mechanics are great and add a lot to the sense of dread and wonder, the die and retry loop doesn't work very well with that much experimentation, one health and some very difficult to see hazards. It's a great start, but some refinement would go a long way! Phenomenal artwork, audio and visual, though :)


I very much appreciate the time and effort man! Taking on board all of what youve said. Certainly an amazing help and encouragement. 

This game looks beautiful and it seems very intresting. Only thing to criticize is that using the spacebar to jump is weird to use. I would recommend to change it to W.

Thank you! I agree with you, a few people find W more intuitive. I will change that in the coming update.

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it doesnt work for mac

Sorry about that! I will need to fix that

It doesn't work on XP

I will do my best to fix that ASAP